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Recent updates

From time to time Access to Care is updated in response to feedback from Veterans, changes in the law, internal and industry changes to the reported metrics, input from Congress and new VA priorities. Highlights on recent changes are provided below.

  • 10/2023
    • What changed? The Patient Experience Compare dataset was removed.
    • Why did this change occur? This dataset is included in the MISSION Act Quality Standards dataset.
  • 10/2023
    • What changed? The Outpatient Compare Data dataset was removed.
    • Why did this change occur? This dataset is included in the MISSION Act Quality Standards dataset.
  • 08/2023
    • What changed? The Care Compare button on the More Data page takes visitors to an information page on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service's (CMS) Care Compare site and VA's quality information available on Care Compare. The page includes a video and frequently asked questions on CMS Care Compare.
    • Why did this change occur? The new information page provides an overview of Care Compare and why Veterans and caregivers should check out the VA quality information shared on the site. This information will enhance the experience of those who use both the Access to Care and Care Compare sites.
  • 08/2023
    • What changed? Auto-complete functionality has been added to location search boxes. On the Provider Information page, the default radius for searches is now 250 miles.
    • Why did this change occur? Auto-complete provides improved accuracy in finding city/state combinations and lets visitors use a specific street address, if desired.
  • 08/2023
    • What changed? The Nursing Home Compare Data page description and measure layout have been updated. MISSION Act Quality measures are now indicated by an asterisk (*).
    • Why did this change occur? General improvements to help clarify measure details.
  • 06/2023
    • What changed? New pages were added: About, Recent updates, More data and Access to Care videos. The Home page was also refreshed. Memorialization and the COVID-19 National Summary were moved to the More Data page. The menu options were adjusted to reflect the new pages. Find Providers was renamed Provider Information.
    • Why did this change occur? Updates were made in response to Veteran feedback about the site.
  • 12/2022
    • What changed? The VA Overall page was removed.
    • Why did this change occur? The content on the page was no longer current and unable to be updated. Additionally, the format of the information was difficult for some Veterans to read.
  • 11/2022
    • What changed? Links to survey information were removed from Nursing Home Compare displays.
    • Why did this change occur? The VA Office of General Counsel determined that the surveys contained descriptions of incidents at community living centers that may lead to identification of Veterans and staff which are protected under health care privacy laws.
  • 07/2022
    • What changed? A new Facility Performance page was added to make it easier for visitors to find facilities and view comprehensive data about selected facilities. Additional specialty clinics were added to the list of wait times for VA medical centers and community based outpatient clinics. Patient satisfaction data were also added.
    • Why did this change occur? The Office of Integrated Veterans Care updated how wait time were calculated. Based on Veteran feedback received, new data were included.
  • 07/2022
    • What changed? The home page was redesigned in response to Veteran feedback about the site.
    • Why did this change occur? Design enhancements.