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Facility Quality Data

VA facility quality data is shown on some quality measures found on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Care Compare website. Facility Quality Data helps consumers make decisions about where to get health care and encourages hospitals to improve the quality of care.

Last Updated: 04/09/2024
Next Update: 07/09/2024
Data is updated Quarterly

This Power BI Dashboard illustrates infection data for your chosen medical facility.

What You Need to Know about our Data

WNTB VA is VA’s external benchmark report. It serves as a reference for VA medical centers (VAMCs) to keep track of U.S. national and regional benchmarks on key health outcome and process indicators. We describe the adjustments and considerations when using this report below.These metrics are reformatted to unadjusted rates. They are reported as infections per 1,000 device days using the numerator and denominator reported on CMS Care Compare.Users should be cautious when comparing surgical complications between VA and non-VA hospitals due to differences in methodology. VA reports observed rates (not risk-adjusted) for PSI surgical complications, while for non-VA hospitals, CMS reports rates that are ‘smoothed’ to the National Medicare population. For more information about the methodologies, download the AHRQ Quality Indicators Toolkit (PDF).Most metrics reported on CMS Care Compare apply to Medicare beneficiaries (e.g., age 65 and older), while metrics reported for VAMCs may include patients who are not eligible for Medicare due to age and other factors.