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How Accurate are Initial Inscription Orders on Headstones and Markers in a National Cemetery?

The National Cemetery Administration is committed to ensuring accurate symbolic expressions of remembrance are provided to honor the military service of a deceased Veteran. We may provide a headstone, marker, or niche cover to identify the burial place in a federal, Department of Defense, or state Veterans cemetery. We may also provide a headstone, marker, or medallion for Veterans buried in private or public cemeteries.

Learn more about headstones, markers, niche covers, and medallions.

Inscription Accuracy for FY2021
Last Updated 09/13/2021
Cemetery Name Inscription Accuracy
Acadia National Cemetery
1799 U.S. Route 1
Jonesboro, ME 72404
A. Acadia National Cemetery
1799 U.S. Route 1
Jonesboro, ME 72404
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100.00 %

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